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We provide performance opportunities on and off-campus for students to perform.


Many dancers find performing in front of a group builds self-esteem and provides motivation for improving technique and learning new material. Performance choreography is usually not useable in competition, as it includes elements of showmanship prohibited in competition. In addition: for performance pieces, ISTD (International Society of Teachers of Dance) technique is often deviated from to choreograph more crowd-pleasing numbers. Performance is generally less expensive and less technically demanding than competitive dancing. Dancers on a limited budget, who wish to grow beyond the scope of social dancing, should pick either performance OR competition as a goal. Doing both is possible, but can be taxing on time and resources.

How to Participate

The least expensive path to performing is through joining a Performance Teams. Call Shawn Gardner Dancing at (971)998-5120 or e-mail

to learn more. Participation in a Performance Team requires a long-term commitment of 2-6 hours a week of group classes or rehearsal. Team members pay tuition per semester, and a costume rental fee. Team tuition is exponentially less expensive than taking private lessons. Performance teams are an ideal option for dancers who do not have a partner, as partners are provided. It is also less intimidating for many dancers to perform in a 'group,' rather than as a 'couple.'

How to Prepare

The most effective path to creating the highest quality show is Private Lessons. These are ideal for couples, small groups, or individuals who may perform pro-am with their instructor). The Ballroom Dance Company also offers youth performance classes prior to youth showcases, where students choreograph their own material, with instructor supervision. Though group classes are not as individually detailed as private lessons, these are an inexpensive way for students 19 & younger to experience performance.

Weekly Dances

After your show is prepared and polished, your instructor may invite you to perform in one of the many public dance parties we host each week at our studio. During intermission, attendees enjoy seeing shows. Shows can be up to 3 minutes. Performers can be amateur couples, amateur groups, pro-am couples or groups (where students perform with their teacher), or professional couples. Top level performers may also be invited to perform in our youth or professional showcases. Contact Sunnie Page at (503)639-4861 if you wish to perform.

Off Campus Events

Sunnie often gives her students performance opportunities at off-campus events like high schools, hotels, retirement centers, fairs, etc. If you are interested in performing for these type of events, contact Sunnie at Generally these events expect fully-costumed performers. For information on where to purchase costumes visit our Student Competitor Page. If you do not own professional costuming, we do limited off-campus events which allow formal-wear for performers.


Professional instructors and top amateur dancers are invited to perform in Shawn Gardner Dancing's showcases. If you are not invited to perform in a showcase, you are welcome to apply for your number to be included. Please note we have more requests from high quality dancers to perform, than we have time in the showcase. So not all numbers can be accepted.

The Ballroom Dance Company
503 - 639 - 4861

We lease floorspace & teach at 8900 SW Commercial St, Tigard OR


I-5 to exit 294,
Follow 99W west
Left on Hall,
Right on Commercial
(you'll see Salon Natalia)
Ballroom is on your left


217 to exit 292,
Right on 99W,
Get in far left lane
Left on Hall
(you'll see Salon Natalia)
Right on Commercial


I-5 to exit 292B
(Kruse Way toward 72nd)
Left on 72nd
Right on Hunziger
Left on Hall
Right on Commercial

Look for the burgundy & gold building with the "BALLROOM" marquee