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The Ballroom Dance Company's next Professional Showcase
Magic In Motion
is 3:30pm Saturday January 20, 2018

Doors open at 2:30pm

Enjoy beautiful ballroom, lively latin and sensational swing LIVE dance shows right here in Oregon...

Don't miss out on this breathtaking night of exciting shows: just like you've seen on TV! Fully costumed performances by professional couples as well as amateur couples and children, plus The Ballroom Dance Company Performance Teams!

Showcases are at The Ballroom Dance Company's elegant Ambassador Ballroom in Tigard.
$5 OFF all tickets purchased by December 1, 2017

- Free Children 7 & younger who can sit on parents lap
- $10 Students 22 & younger with current student body card (youth discounted tickets not valid for VIP seats)
- $15 Adults
- $40 VIP Tickets (***limited availability, these always sell out early so please reserve VIP seats now***)

Call 503.639.4861 for tickets & more information.
We accept Visa & Mastercard via phone.

Our state of the art grand ballroom is located at 8900 SW Commercial Street in Tigard, conveniently next door to the Public Transit Center.
Click HERE for directions.


1) We consistently have more numbers submitted for our shows than we have space for. To maximize our audience and performers experience, we cap our show off at 2 hours. Some numbers submitted will not be included in the final lineup. We do our best to include as many numbers as possible, provided they are high quality and family-friendly.

2) When performing in a Ballroom Dance Company Show, all performers agree to the following REQUIREMENTS. Performers who cannot attend mandatory all cast prep class (weekend prior to the actual show) will recieve lowest priority in showcase lineup & may be asked to perform at a Sunday night dance party INSTEAD of being included in our professional showcase.

3) Submit numbers as early as possible to our front desk via our SUBMISSION FORM - please include constact info for all performers, name of song, and style of dance you would like to perform. The later you submit your piece, the less likely we will have room for it.

4) Add your music in MP3 format to our computerized directory, if it is not already in the directory. We are not able to play CDs, iPod or other formats of music for showcases.

5) We kindly ask all performers to attend our FREE & MANDATORY all cast grand finale & final bows class is noon-2pm SATURDAY, JANUARY 13. We can make changes to missing names or mispronounced final bows names at that time. We are not able to make any changes the day of the show -- all changes are requested and made on or before May 7. GRAND FINALE & FINAL BOWS REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY FOR PERFORMERS, AND CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. PARENTS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE BALLROOM.

6) Dress rehearsal is NOON-2:30pm SATURDAY, January 20. We will run the show in its entirety with full lights, all numbers in order, from start-to-finish. If you cannot be here during your show time that is OK. But we have no time to re-run any numbers 'later' in rehearsal. We highly recommend you run through your number in dress rehearsal, as this reliably improves the quality of performers dancing in the show. But it is not required. DRESS REHEARSAL IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. PARENTS, FRIENDS & FAMILY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE BALLROOM. PERFORMERS MAY REMAIN IN THE BALLROOM TO ENJOY WATCHING EVERYONE ELSE'S SHOWS, AS THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WATCH THEM DURING THE ACTUAL SHOW. Performers must remain backstage during the actual show. If performers have purchased a paid seat, we will reserve a seat for them near the on-deck area so they can easily get backstage in the middle of the show.

7) During the actual show, performers may come and go at their own risk. If you are not here when your number is supposed to be on the floor, we will skip your number and will be unable to run your number later. The lineup, voiceovers & music is computerized and pre-recorded, so we are unable to make changes during the actual show. If we run into issues like "insufficient time to change costumes" during dress rehearsal, we will make adjustments during dress rehearsal and post the new lineup backstage.