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Performers: Please read ALL of the following important info!
Thank you!

Free All Cast Finale Prep Class - Noon-3pm Saturday 1 week before Show

Dress Rehearsal - Noon-3pm Day of Show

Are you interested in performing in our upcoming showcase?

Please contact Sunnie with the following info:

1. Names of lead(s) & follow(s)

2. Name of choreographer

3. Name of song

4. Style of dance

5. Length of song

Performance pieces should be:

1. Performance quality choreography or lead & follow

2. Costumed (appropriate costume for genre being performed)

3. Family friemdly music (absolutely no profanity), costuming & choreography (no vulgar gestures)

4. Professional quality sound track (on CD or e-mail us -- 4 weeks before show) It is essential we recieve your music in advance, as there are often problems with transfering tracks to our computer. If we cannot transfer your track to our server, we will cut your number from the show as the entire show is pre-programmed, in order, on computer.

5. Maximum 1:30 seconds - 3 minutes long (leave your audience wanting more!)

6. Ideally related to show theme (eg: spy themed music for "Diamonds Are Forever.")

We usually recieve more submissions for shows, than we have time for. We prefer to keep the show between 1-2 hours, to maximize audience and performer enjoyment. Factors Sunnie considers when deciding which numbers will and will not be included in shows include but are not limited to:

1. Students who take long-term private lessons at The Ballroom Dance Company

2. Quality of dance (technique, patterns, tricks, showmanship, entertainment value)

3. Quality of costumes (ballroom & latin dancers...contemporary dance performers like west coast swing may wear street clothes)

4. Diversity in performers (eg: we would not want 1 amateur dancer performing in 7 numbers)

5. Diversity in dances (eg: we would not want 10 waltzes in 1 showcase)

6. Diversity throughout showcases (eg: we would not want the same song to be performed in 10 showcases in a row).

7. Promptness of submission (submitting entries early in advance increases the chances of it being added to our line-up)

Performer Suggestions:

1. Each showcase includes an all-cast number, featuring all performers from the show. We provide a free class Tuesday evening preceding the show (or Thursday evening, 1 week prior to the show) to learn choreography for this number. Please plan on attending this free class. We will review the grand finale choreography on dress rehearsal night, but we HIGHLY recommend you also attend the class to feel comfortable performing it. This is the grand finale of the show, so we want everyone to look polished and confident! This is also performers ONLY opportunity to correct missing and misprounounced names in final bows. Final bows are also choregoraphed, and you will learn your position for final bows in this class.

2. Programs are printed 1 week in advance. If your number isn't included by that time, we might suggest you perform it in our next showcase. We produce 2 showcases annually: a summer showcase & winter showcase.

3. Please do not include a roll-out and bow in your choreography at the end. This is boring, and we have final bows at the end of the show. Preferably end each showpiece in a lift, drop, picture-figure, etc. Lights will black out immediately at the end of your song.

4. Performers must arrive on time for dress rehearsal -- if they want to rehearse their numbers. Dress rehearsal immediately preceeds the show. We run all show numbers run in the same order as the show. If you are not here when we play your music, we will play it with the floor empty, and continue with the show, in order. There will be NO TIME after rehearsal to re-run any numbers. So if you miss your spot, you can practice backstage during the show, but not on the Ambassador floor. During rehearsal, performers are welcome to leave at any time. Dress rehearsals are open ONLY to performers and staff. Family are not allowed, unless they are pre-approved volunteers. If you have family that wish to volunteer, please encourage them to contact Sunnie in advance.

5. We do not provide any free tickets to the showcase (other than significant other of our instructor professional performers). Parents, spouses, significant others, children, friends, etc all must pay for an admission ticket if they wish to be in the ballroom Friday or Saturday during the showcase. We do not offer 'free' admission to people who 'just want to come watch their family.'

6. We do have a limited number of volunteer positions available during dress rehearsal and showcase nights. Please note most volunteer positions are backstage. Backstage volunteers are allowed to watch dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is otherwise closed to family & friends.

7. Male performers must wear shirts. Costumes should not resemble lingerie. Contemporary partner dance performers may wear street clothes, if it is appropriate for their number. Professional showcase costumes should be professional quality with swarovski rhinestones, chainette fringe, etc. (eg: a prom style dress would be inappropriate for a tango).

8. Short music pieces are preferable, it keeps the show fast-paced and exciting for the audience. We would prefer you perform 2 short pieces, rather than 1 long piece. Music cuts must be professional quality -- meaning we cannot "hear the cut." Music cuts are free for studio teams.

9. Please make special request as soon as possible in advance to give us enough time to honor those requests. Special request examples include but are not limited to: asking for long costume change, asking to perform early (or late) in the showcase lineup, asking for certain lighting effects (eg: red background lights)

10. Music selection must be professional quality edited (cuts & edits should not be audible in your track). The show looks exponentially more PROFESSIONAL when you professional edit your music.

11. Hair and makeup must be appropriate for performance. Contemporary partner dances can wear casual hair styles. Ballroom & latin dancer ladies hair should be pulled back in an updo or bun for ladies, slicked back with gel or hairspray for men.

12. Ballroom & latin ladies are required to wear rhinestone accessories.

13. Please arrive on time. This minimizes stress for organizers & volunteers as spotlights, LED lights, music and deck captain are all run from different areas of the studio.

14. If we do not receive adequate notice of your desire to perform in a show, or we don't recieve your music 1 month in advance, you might be accidentally left out. Please notify Director Sunnie Page, or Youth Showcase Director Shawn Gardner, as soon as you know you would like to perform.

15. The room will COMPLETELY black out between numbers, at which point performers quietly run off the floor, and the next couple quietly runs onto the floor. Please tell our front desk at least 1 week in advance of the show WHERE on the floor you & your partner will be standing when at the start and end of your showpiece. For example: START/standing by Sunnie's office doors, END/drop under the disco ball. This allows our spotlight operators to turn on and off spotlights accurately.

16. We understand this is 'a lot of' requirements! PleaSe understand -- these shows are a monumental undertaking to organize! Honoring all of the above listed requests guarantees an professional quality, family friendly, low stress show -- which is exactly what we want!

Additional Performance Opportunities

1. Members of our performance team perform in every showcase, as well as other events. A performance team is an inexpensive and fun means to perform. If you are interested in joining one of our teams, please contact Sunnie Page or Shawn Gardner.

2. We host many dance parties each month, and special events throughout the year. If your number is not selected for the next showcase, it may be possible for you to perform at one of our dances or special events. If you are interested in performing at any of these, please contact Sunnie.

Click HERE for info on our next showcase!

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