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Group Ballroom Dance Classes

Why take group dance class?

How many people are in a group class?

What if I don't have a partner?

How does a group class work?

How much does a group class cost?

What if the group class I take progresses too fast or too slow for me?

The Ballroom Dance Company offers Beginning level group classes 7 days a week at our custom built ballroom dance studio located at 8900 SW Commercial Street in Tigard, Oregon. Beginning level group classes are aimed at beginners with no dance experience. We cover fundamental lead and follow technique and teach basic, easy-to-remember routines which you can use to navigate any social or party dance floor. Competition dancers will recognize the figures taught in this class from the bronze syllabus.

Our Class Calendars shows dates and times of all group lessons. You may also call (503)639-4861 with scheduling and tuition questions. A studio manager is on-hand to answer your questions 9:30am-9pm 7 days a week.

Why take group classes?

1. Group class is an inexpensive means to learn new figures and patterns.
2. Dancing improves your balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina.
3. We provide the most weekly group classes of any dance studio in the Pacific Northwest. We offer over 60 hours of group classes to choose from every week, specific to dance style, student age, and proficiency level.
4. Group class enables you to dance comfortably on any social or party floor.
5. Group class allows your lead and follow to be predictable through repetition.
6. You do not need to sign up for group class in advance.
7. Group class gives participants practice leading/following different partners.
8. Learn the same routines as your friends in group class so they're easier to lead and follow
9. Group class increase your balance and your sensitivity to your partners' balance.
10. Meet new friends in group class and dance with new people in a structured environment.

How many people are in a group class?

Group class attendance varies widely. Usually 10-30 people show up to class.

Because we do not require pre-registration, we do not know in advance how many students will show up for a particular class.

It's possible only 1 person could show up (in which caSe you'd get a fabulously discounted private lesson!), or 100 people could show up (in which case you'll meet a lot of new people). Either way you'll learn a lot and have fun

What if I don't have a partner?

Most people come to class 'solo,' with no dance partner.

Your instructor will line everyone up at the start of each class, and establish a rotation. By the end of class, you'll have danced with many people, many times.

If you come with a specific partner, we still recommend you rotate throughout class. This will help you both learn fastest. Of course at the end of class, your instructor will send you back to your special partner (if you came with one) to finish out the class dancing with them.

How does a group class work?

Group classes focus on one subject (for example: the international tango) over a series of 5 lessons. In each successive lesson we build on materials learned in the previous class. Class topics (for example: choreography) are pre-determined for each lesson, and are appropriate to that lesson's experience level. We cover the materials at the average learning rate of the lesson. We vary choreography in most 5 week series, to give students a wide variety of patterns and help them feel comfortable in the dance styles they choose to learn.

We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced level group classes. If you are unsure which lesson you "belong" in, ask your teacher. As a general rule, students take beginning level classes until they feel 'bored,' then move to intermediate level classes.

Visit our Class Calendars Page to view many group class dates and times you can choose from this week! You can also call us anytime at (503)639-4861.

How much do group ballroom dance classes cost?

Classes are priced for drop-ins (for example: pay $10 to drop-in to a single day of beginners class) and series (for example: pre-pay $35 to take a complete 5 week series of a beginners group class). Tuition varies based on class level (Beginning, Beginning II, Intermediate, and Advanced). Tuition also varies based on the length of a group class series (for example: a 4-week group class series has lower tuition than a 7-week long group class series)

To give you an idea of our tuition rates -- currently Beginners Group Classes cost $35 for a 5-lesson series, or $10 to "drop in." Individuals may sit in for free in any beginning level class (meaning: they sit at the side of the room and watch, rather than participate in the lesson).

Students 22 & younger with student ID recieve a $3 discount on adult group classes.

What if the group class progresses too quickly or slowly for me?

Group classes are designed for a particular skill level and progress based on the planned materials as well as the average skill and learning capacity of the group. You may find that a class moves too quickly for you to keep up, or too slowly to challenge you.

If a class moves too quickly for you, try taking the next easiest level of class. If you want to remain with your current lesson, you can take a private lesson to focus on any unclear information you learned in the group lesson. Private Lessons move 100% at your own pace, and focus 100% on your areas of interest.

You will retain more information from class if you practice throughout the week. This is best done with a partner. For help finding a dance partner visit our Partner Search Directory or fill out a partner search form available at our front desk.

When a class moves too slowly for you, try taking a more difficult level group lesson. For dancers who want to achieve superior technique or choreography, group classes will not be sufficient to cultivate competition-level skills. In fact all championship level competitors take private lessons almost exclusively. If the advanced class moves to slowly for you, a Private Lesson is your most effective learning tool.

The Ballroom Dance Company
8900 SW Commercial St, Tigard OR

503 - 639 - 4861

From Portland:

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