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Beginning Ballroom Latin & Swing Dance Lessons in Tigard Oregon

What is the best dance to start with?

Can anyone learn to dance?

How do I start?

How does a private lesson work?

How does a group class work?

How do I cancel a lesson?

How do I learn the fastest?

What is the best dance for beginners to learn first?

There are MANY styles of partner dance to choose from. Some dances are easier to learn than others. Some dances are also more 'useful' in social dance settings such as weddings & office parties. We highly recommend starting with an 'easy' dance (like nightclub two step or single time swing), that you can use in social settings, like weddings and office parties. We suggest learning more technically demanding dances (like international style foxtrot) after you've mastered the more 'easy' dances.

Click HERE for a detailed description of all the styles of dance we teach here. Feel free to call with questions.

I have two left feet and/or no partner, can I learn to dance?

Can anyone learn how to ballroom dance? Absolutely!

The Ballroom Dance Company will get you started quickly and easily, even if you've never danced before.

How do I start?

To get comfortable and learn quickly, we recommend starting with a private lesson. Private lessons cost $95/45 minutes. The studio where we teach hosts $8 Weekly Dance Parties Sunday nights 7-10pm. These usually start with a pre-dance beginners lesson. This is a fun opportunity to practice what you learn, and meet other people who are learning to dance.

When you show up to class, wear lightweight clothing and leather-soled dress shoes. Avoid sneakers, rubber soled, or spike-heel shoes. Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. Stretchy, light clothing will be easiest to dance in.

Private Lessons

In private lessons, you work one-on-one with an instructor. Up to 4 people can share a private lesson (no extra cost for the extra people). Each Private Lesson is 45 minutes long. You can choose which dance(s) you wish to work on, or your instructor can choose dances which will best meet your needs and ability. Private lessons allow you to progress at your own speed, without having to rotate in class or ask questions in a group setting.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Someone at the front desk will direct you to which ballroom your lesson will be held. Pay your instructor directly, before class begins. Other singles and couples might be taking lessons in the same ballroom as you (with other teachers), however your teacher will be fully dedicated to you.

Private lessons are booked in advance, much like booking a haircut appointment. Call (503)639-4861 to book your appointment. Privates are available 7 days a week.

Group Classes

Once you become comfortable learning to dance in private lessons, you may feel ready to join group classes and dance with variety of partners.

In group classes, you and a group of other people learn together, with one instructor. Group class size could range from 1-10 people. Group Classes usually start the first week of each month, and are 50 minutes long. Drop-ins are welcome in any group classs.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Someone at the front desk will direct you to which ballroom your class will be held. Other singles and couples from the Portland area will come to class as well. Pay your instructor directly, before class begins. If you arrive late, you may take class and pay immedediately after class.

Group classes are published in advance, check our CALENDAR page to see what classes are running this week.

How do I Cancel a Lesson?

When you schedule a private lesson you block out that time in your instructor's day. We also reserve floor space in a dance studio. We kindly request that you give 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment - so that we may allow other students to fill that time slot. When you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your instructor must pay the studio a penalty fee for cancelling with such late notice. Privates cancelled with less than 24 hours notice must pay a $11 cancellation fee.

You do not have to notify the studio if you are going to miss a group class. We do not offer refunds or make-up classes for any missed group class.

How do I learn the fastest?

The more hours you dance, the more information you will retain and the faster you will learn to dance. Most beginners start with 1 lesson. If they want to learn more, they schedule more. Most students take 1 lesson a week. More experienced or competition-oriented dancers take 2-5 lessons days a week. We do NOT employ sales tactics or push you to take more lessons. We DO encourage you to learn at your own pace, and HAVE FUN!

Experience one of life's most fun and beautiful activities...Ballroom Dancing!

The Ballroom Dance Company
503 - 639 - 4861

We lease floorspace & teach at 8900 SW Commercial St, Tigard OR


I-5 to exit 294,
Follow 99W west
Left on Hall,
Right on Commercial
(you'll see Salon Natalia)
Ballroom is on your left


217 to exit 292,
Right on 99W,
Get in far left lane
Left on Hall
(you'll see Salon Natalia)
Right on Commercial


I-5 to exit 292B
(Kruse Way toward 72nd)
Left on 72nd
Right on Hunziger
Left on Hall
Right on Commercial

Look for the burgundy & gold building with the "BALLROOM" marquee