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About The Ballroom Dance Company Instructors

We provide superior choice instructors for students of all skill levels and partner dance styles. Group class prices are identical for all instructors. Private lesson prices are commensurate with instructors skill, professional and competitive accomplishments. Students are invited to choose from all our instructors listed below (in alphabetical order). Dancesport Instructors may have limited availability.

Level Instructors (alphabetically) Private Lesson Cost Discounts
Professional Instructors Beth Benz, Neylana Feijo Bezerra, Jason Carter, Kathy Carter, Jimmy Ho, Lisa MicKinney, Ana Ovalle-Barry, Trina Siebert, Kate Simson, Kendra Wolf $75
Some available for youth, see below instructor bios
Instructors Robert Evans, Paris Guffey, Delanie Lewis, Sally Marin, Steve Sowell, Marcus Sterling $70
Some available for youth, see below instructor bios
Independent Contractor Teachers Shawn Gardner, Ann Marie Hathaway, Anita Menon, Michael Petr, Lela Weinert, Linda Springstead Prices Vary Varies per teacher


Professional Instructors are successful competitors and experienced, highly respected instructors or judges. Some are available for pro-am competition and performance. All are highly respected in their relative fields of expertise. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Beth Benz

Beth fell in love with dance in junior high and high school, and found her way back to it when she discovered Zumba Fitness three years ago. It changed her life, bringing her joy and health in a time of great stress. She strives to support her students by providing a safe and inspiring atmosphere to dance, burn calories, and have fun! As a single mom and small business owner, she knows first-hand how hard it can be to find time to exercise. She feels Zumba is for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. She is a licensed Zumba instructor who enjoyes developing choreography that is emplowering, easy and fun!

Neylana Bezerra

Neylana is a certified zumba instructor & personal trainer, certified salsa instructor & choreographyer, and professional bhangra performer. Raised in Santiago, Chile, Neylana found herself surrounded in latin music and dance. Her background includes also includes ballet and gymnastics. Throughout the years, She's earned a variety of national accredited certifications and assisted in many specialty workshops. Her hobbies include finding the best music for her classes & the best methods to 'feel' the music through exercise and dance. Neylana believes in the healing power of music, and the positive qualities it brings out in everyone. She helps her students improve coordination, flexibility and posture. Her classes are high energy, safe, and fun!"

Jason Carter

Jason began social dancing 18 years ago on a whim and a dare. He developed a passion for country dance in Louisiana, and a desire to be a polished leader. Country dance proved to be a gatweay toward other styles like hustle, west coast swing, argentine tango, and nightclub two step. Today he embraces them all and believes the key to success is constant connection with one's partner. Jason's teaching style centers on cultivating that connection, and on learning solid lead-follow technique.

Kathy LaVeine Carter

Kathy grew up dancing and has been sharing her passion for dance with students for more than 8 years. Her first love is the social dance floor and she is driven to help people learn the technique and skill necessary to lead, follow, and create spontaneous dance. She specializes in contemporary styles such as west-coast swing, nightclub two-step, hustle, country 2-step, salsa, and meringue. She believes that the measure of a great dancer is the size of the smile on their partner’s face. Her goal is to teach solid dance concepts, be clear, motivating, and maybe even to make you laugh.

Jimmy Ho

Jimmy Ho began dancing Swing, Latin, Ballroom, and Lindy Hop in 1999. He performed with OSU's ballroom troupe in Corvallis. Jimmy is an active competitor on the west coast swing circuit who's won many Strictly Swing and Jack & Jill contests. He is happily entrenched in the local dance community and enjoys teaching. Jimmy takes pride in watching his students improve after his group and private lessons. Students are pleased with the extra time and effort he provides answering questions after and outside of class. Depending on student's dancing experience, he customizes teaching methods to help the beginners explore the fun of swing dancing, and help experienced students advance their techniques and choreography. Jimmy provides a $10 discount for all youth private lessons (21 & younger with student ID).

Sally Marin

My name is Sally Maritza Marin and I am from the wonderful city of Jersey City, New Jersey. Dancing has been the biggest part of my life and even though we couldn't afford to put me through professional dance classes as a child, I still danced whether it was for talent shows family reunions, classroom holiday parties or wherever I could get away with dancing. Born and raised in an urban neighborhood I received a taste of many international rhythms and forms of dancing and practically learned dance from TV,the streets, and my momma who was always teaching me how to salsa the right way. Lived in Ecuador for 4 years throughout high school where I fell in love with my roots of Latin Rhythms. Dancing is breathing!! I wish to spread the love of dance, because I truly believe it heals your soul, I discovered ZUMBA® Fitness over a year ago.... after being trapped in a very monotonous life, with work and school fulltime, I had just moved to Oregon and I had no time for myself, which led me to gain 65 Pounds in 2 years!! (YIKES) When I stepped into my first ZUMBA® class, I knew my life would never be the same. Since then I have lost 65 pounds, and became Licensed to teach Zumba classes. I am ready to make you a happier and healthier you, are you ready for me?

Lisa McKinney

Lisa began her dance training at the age of 8 in her hometown of New York City. She trained in various styles of dance including jazz, tap and ballet. At the age of 14 she was accepted to The High School of Performing Arts (Fame school) where she majored in Modern Dance. During her sophomore year in High School, Lisa was awarded a partial scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet's after school program. Upon graduating from Performing Arts H.S., Lisa attended Rutgers University, graduating with a B.A. in Economics. Lisa is an ACE certified personal trainer, YMCA certified group fitness instructor and certified Zumba instructor. Lisa welcomes all ages, abilities and levels of fitness to her Zumba classes!

Ana Ovalle-Barry

Ana Ovalle-Barry is originally from Mexico City and has lived in Oregon since 2008. She started dancing at age 7, learning latin rhythms like cumbia, salsa, merengue and bachata in a natural way in the spirit of her native country. She also learned belly dance, flamenco and jazz. Ana got hooked on Zumba when she moved to ORegon, and finds it to be an ideal way to share her passion for music, dance and love. Ana is an AFAA certified instructor, licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba and Zumbatomic. If you are looking for a high energy class with an instructor who sweats hand-in-hand with you, come to her party and you'll get fit while feeling the beat and having fun.

Trina Siebert

Trina has been dancing swing, Argentine tango, Latin, and ballroom since 1995, and specializes in the contemporary social dances (west coast swing, nightclub two-step, and hustle). An active competitor on the west coast swing circuit, she has won a number of Strictly Swing, Classic, and Jack & Jill contests, and was named Best Overall Amateur Female at BridgeTown Swing 2003. Trina has been an invited instructor and performer at workshop weekends and dance conventions throughout the Northwest. Students appreciate her clear and relaxed instructional style; her philosophy is that dancing should be fun and accessible for everyone. Trina provides a $10 discount for all youth private lessons (21 & younger with student ID).

Kate Simson

Kate attended her first dance class at the age of three and has barely stopped moving since! Her early dance career included ballet, tap and jazz, but soon expanded to include modern, lyrical, hip-hop and her favorite, African dance. A native Oregonian, Kate’s active childhood also included playing soccer, riding horses and doing rhythmic gymnastics. Kate fell in love with Zumba in the summer of 2011 and became licensed to teach not long after. Kate encourages all students to “move however feels right” and believes strongly in the freeing nature of movement.

Kendra Wolf

Multi-award winning Kendra began dance training at the age of 7. Her style reflects Egyptian Arabic, sagat and folkloric dances from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran & Turkey. Kendra completed intensive teacher training courses in Cairo in 2006 & 2007. While there, she learned bellydance from legends Nagua Fuad, Mona Said, Dina, Randa Kamel and many others. Research for her undergraduate degree focused on Arabic & Spanish dance history, and Middle Eastern & African Women's history. Kendra has performed professionally in New York City, LA, Mexico City and more. She won titles such as the 2008 Belly Dancer of the Universe and 2007 Double Crown Performing Artist. In addition to being an accomplished 2nd-generation Oriental dance artist, Kendra has studied West African and Flamenco dance.


The National Dance Council of America lifted its ban on amateur dancers teaching (2008 Rulebook Section II. Definitions, Section A. Classification of Dancers). USA Dance Council similarly lifted its restrictions on amateurs teaching in January of 2007. These rule changes allow talented amateur dancers such as the individiduals below to teach in our studio and retain their amateur status as competitors. Some are nationally recognized finalists and title-holders in the amateur dancesport divisions. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Robert Evans

Robert Evans found swing dancing when on a performance team in 2006. He has been a passionate and active social dancer ever since. Robert specializes in east coast swing, lindy hop and blues dancing. Robert founded the Friday Night Fusion Dance at the BDC with the objective of bringing together all dance styles in a fun and inviting atmosphere. He especially appreciates the happiness and community social dance provides, and wants to give you the tools to get out and join the fun! Robert is available for private lessons and teaches weekly classes.

Paris Guffey

In November 2007, Paris attended a free swing dance in Portland, and found the passion of his life. Five months later he began taking ballroom dance lessons at The Ballroom Dance Company with studio owner Sunnie Page. Paris enjoys performing, social dance, and has competed successfully in the amateur and pro-am dancesport circuits -- most recently placing 1st in gold waltz and quickstep with Sunnie at the 2010 Seattle Star Ball. Paris specializes international standard style ballroom, and also teaches all styles of east coast swing (like lindy hop, charleston & balboa) and nightclub two step.

Delanie Lewis

Delanie Lewis started dancing in 2008. Her enjoyment of social dance drew her into many styles of dance including nightclub 2-step, west coast swing, and social ballroom dances. She's currently an active competitor on the west coast swing circuit and travels throughout the west coast to dance, compete and teach. She currently lives in Corvallis where she's involved with Oregon State University's swing and ballroom dance scenes. She teaches at the studio on weekends and during weekdays, by appointment.

Steve Sowell

The moment Steve took his first waltz class, he fell in love with ballroom dancing. In 6 months he started competing initially locally, then nationally and internationally throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as the east coast and Canada. In addition to winning and making finals at many local competitions, at the 2007 USA Dance National Amateur Championships Steve made the US National finals in the bronze syllabus category. Steve is apprentice to Ballroom Dance Company International Standard professional Sunnie Page.

Marcus Sterling

Marcus began dancing during his undergraduate work at Oregon State University. His 1st ballroom class in 2004 paved the way to his love of social dance. Taking all classes possible, he soon discovered a talent for contemporary dance styles including west coast swing, nightclub, and hustle, as well as American and Standard ballroom. He's been teaching in Corvallis and Eugene since 2008. He enjoys keeping up with the rapidly changing styles of contemporary partner dance, and enjoys watching students improve and find enjoyment in their dancing. Marcus provides a coaching discount for long term students -- 5+ lessons in a 60 day period $60/hr, 10+ lessons in a 90 day period $50/hr. Cancelled packages are charged the regular rate for any completed lessons.


Independent contractors own their own business and choose to lease floor space for their group classes and private lessons at The Ballroom Dance Company. Experience level and prices vary. Please contact these teachers directly with questions regarding their classes and pricing.

Shawn Gardner

Shawn has been passionate about dance since the age of 10. She's been teaching over 14 years, and specializes in sharing the joy & benefits of dance with children & families. Her patience, enthusiasm & natural ability to connect with young dancers is evident in the many students who took their very 1st lesson with Shawn & have advanced to compete & perform for large audiences. Shawn's ballroom career began in 2005. Just 2 years later, after training under Sunnie Page, Shawn was crowned National Champion in both bronze & silver international standard at the 2007 USA Dance National Championships. She's also studied a wide variety of styles including musical theater, character, ballet, hip hop, jazz & more. She's performed in numerous stage productions & was a member of a professional modern dance company. She's available for private lessons for all ages, wedding lessons, single & couple adults, beginning competition preparation, showdances & more. Shawn provides a $10 discount for all youth private lessons (18 & younger with student ID) with the exception of Show Dance privates (which are full price). Please contact Shawn at

Ann Marie Hathaway

A native Oregonian, Ann Marie began dancing at an early age and whirled her way to Hollywood with famous music video choreographer Michael Rooney. After an exciting dancing career in Hollywood, her love of Portland called her back to the Rose City. She continued teaching, and choreographed for and performed with a local swing dance team much publicized for their flying flips through the air. They competed successfully throughout the Northwest. Ann Marie specializes in a wide variety of vintage swing styles like the Charleston and East coast swing. Her salsa and waltz classes are also very popular. One of her most favorite dance styles to teach is smooth Hollywood style Lindy Hop Swing, in large part due to her love of jazz music. Ann Marie provides a $10 discount for all youth private lessons (21 & younger with student ID).

Anita Menon

Anita is the founder & artistic director of the Anjali School of Dance which she founded in 1996 to impart the ancient art form of Bharatanatyam to students in the Portland area. She's adapted the art form for the next generation of dancers through innovation & expermientation with contemporary choreographic works. Anita also teaches "Story N Motion," a program which combines Bharatanatyam movement to convey stories, myths & legends from around the world. She's been awarded a grant by the Regional Arts & Culture Council to travel to India & learn 108 ritualistic mudras of the Vaishnavite tradition that have been codified specifically for Bharatanatyam. Please register directly for classes with Anita at (503)705-2169 or Find out more about Anita at

Michael Petr

A top-tier professional coach, competitor and performer, Michael is a Czech National Champion and European professional 10-Dance Finalist. He's been a featured professional on "Dancing With The Stars" in Europe, televised contestant on "So You Think You can Dance" in the United States, is a World professional finalist in Mambo and Salsa, and has numerous jaw-dropping credits to his name! Michael is available for private lessons at The Ballroom Dance Company Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays with couples, individuals, adults, kids, and is also available for pro-am competition partnership. Please book directly with Michael at (626)321-2251. Read more about Michael's extensive professional accomplishments and watch him dance at

Lela Weinert

Lela is a United States National Amateur Standard Finalist and has won many Professional Rising Star competitions throughout the United States. Lela is also a highly accomplished instructor. In fact several of her students have become United States National Pre-Teen Champions, United States National Junior Finalists, and United States National Youth Finalists! Her students have also appeared on "Dancing With The Stars." Lela strives for her students to reach their individual goals, while learning in a positive, fun environment. Lela travels to Portland twice a month for coaching at The Ballroom Dance Company. She charges $90/45 minute private lessons and is happy to teach individuals, couples, youth and adults. Please book lessons directly with Lela at (323)316-7454.

Linda Springstead

Since 1988, Linda's personal mission has been to introduce students to the joy of the "ultimate" contact sport -- ballroom dancing -- to create a positive, holistic and social atmosphere in which they may learn. Linda presents "movement in partnership" information in a fun manner designed to improve skills and poise easily and at a fast pace. Linda is a well-rounded instructor in latin and traditional ballroom dances. She also teaches "beyond ballroom" dances like hustle, nightclub two step, salsa, west coast swing, Argentine tango & country western. She charges $75/hour or $40/half-hour for private lessons and is happy to teach individuals, couples, youth and adults. Please book lessons directly with Linda at (503)241-0460.


We regularly host professional ballroom, latin & swing showcases open to the public. We also provide amateur and professional performances on and off-campus for special events.
Our studio, instructors and students have been featured in Willamette Week's "Best of Portland" issue, The Dalles Chronicle, the "Chinese Times," "Tigard Times," the "Oregonian," and more!

Newberg Graphic article features Ballroom Dance Company student Annie Gerlicher (2008)
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