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Dance Parties Open to the Public every week in Tigard Oregon

What are dance parties?

The Ballroom Dance Company hosts public dance parties every week. These are an opportunity for students to practice what they learn in class, and an opportunity for the public to come and watch ballroom dancing.
Most dances begin with a 1/2 hour beginners class, which is included in the price of admission. Guests usually come as individuals, though couples and groups are always welcome. Our dances are open to anyone who wishes to attend...just show up and enjoy dancing!

Weekly dance parties open to the public:

Every Sunday 7:30-10pm Ballroom & Latin ($5 admission) includes beginners lesson 7-7:30 (hosted in Ambassador Ballroom)

Every Sunday 7-10pm West Coast Swing ($5 admission) (hosted in our Champions Ballroom)

2nd Friday of Every Month West Coast Swing ($7 admission) includes 7:30-8:30 lesson & DJed dancing hosted by Trina Siebert & Jimmy Ho

1st Saturday of the month 7-11pm CCM Friends Christian Social ($8 Dontation) hosted by Kevin Fong

3rd Saturday of the month 8:30-11pm Teens Only Dance -- ($8 Admission) includes 7:30-8pm lesson, munchies & DJed dancing with hostess & youth programs director Shawn Gardner. To maximize fun & safety for our teen guests, non-staff adults are not allowed in this dance.

Top Reasons to Attend Ballroom Dances:

1) Dances are fun.
2) You do not need to sign up in advance, just show up and enjoy!
3) Meet friends and potential partners.
4) Dances allow you to practice what you learned in your private or group lessons.
5) Dancing in public will make you more comfortable later when you want to dance at your office party, or other special event.
6) Public dances give you exposure to a wide variety of music and dance styles.
7) Dances are a great venue to develop your floorcraft (your ability to navigate a crowded floor)
8) A 150 pound person burns 918 calories ballroom dancing for 3 hours.
9) Dances provide an escape from your high stress day of cell phones and instant messages, and gives you the opportunity to partake in an art that has lasted the test of time.
10) Dancing sharpens your mind. The June 10, 2003 New England Journal of Medicine, indicated ballroom dancing helps prevent dementia. Researchers found a startling 76 percent risk reduction from dementia through frequent participation in ballroom dancing. Ballroom dance received the highest score for dementia prevention of all hobbies and physical activities measured in the study.

Check our What's Happening This Week page to see which dances you can enjoy this week!

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